Brian Ballantine

Projects and Work


I am a lead software engineer on Gilt Groupe's mobile and new business teams. My resonsibilities include development and support of the Gilt Mobile Web and new business platforms in Java and Scala.

Active Extracurricular Projects

super-simple-rest-client - A tiny scala library for simplifying RESTful client operations.
Proclipsing - An Eclipse Plugin for Processing

Previous Extracurricular Projects

ZenGarden - A Zen Garden Meditation Toy for BUG, Android, and iPad
Sewing - A simple web framework for embedded Java applications, based on Freemarker Classic and Java Servlets.
SimpleRESTClient - A tiny Java library for simplifying RESTful client operations.
The Global Warming Movie Generator - A Python program program for creating psychedelic movies.
Interactivos @ Eyebeam - Collaborator/Coder on UnrealityTV during Interactivos (installation at beginning of linked vid)
Pyuupiru - ActionScript/Flash coding for Pyuupiru demo (only showing splash page here)
NextD Profile Tool - A Flash, closed source (:[) personality profile tool (not available on-line)

For more stuff, see links below.